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2024 한일 공동 고등교육 유학생 교류사업 학부단기과정 장학생 선발 안내/2024年の韓日共同高等教育留学生交流事業の学部短期課程奨学生選抜のご案内

2024년 한일 공동 고등교육 유학생 교류사업 학부단기과정에 참여할 일본인 장학생을 모집하오니, 관심있는 분들의 많은 지원바랍니다.


장학생으로 선발되기 위해서는 먼저 각 수학대학(8개교*)이 주관하는 선발심사에 최종 합격하셔야 합니다.

* 대구대학교, 덕성여자대학교, 부산외국어대학교, 성신여자대학교, 영진전문대학교, 전남대학교, 한국해양대학교, 홍익대학교


수학대학에 따라 지원자격, 제출서류, 지원접수 마감일 등은 다를 수 있기에 수학대학별 선발 모집요강 확인 및 수학대학을 통한 세부문의 후 지원하여 주시기 바랍니다.

수학대학별 프로그램 안내 및 문의처는 하단의 첨부파일을 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다.




국립국제교육원 국제장학센터





* 大邱大学校、徳成女子大学校、釜山外国語大学校、誠信女子大学校、永進専門大学校、全南大学校、韓国海洋大学校、弘益大学校








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Additional Application Guidelines and University Information for 2024 GKS-G R&D and Global Network Program

Applicants from all countries around the world can apply to R&D and Global Network program


※ R&D Program (in University Track) provides R&D-focused curriculum and field experience in research institutes and industries. In addition, the program is designed to attract and nurture talented scholars in the strategic high-tech industry and to be beneficial to the scholar‟s future career.


※ Global Network Program (in University Track) provides current/prospective officials, professionals or students in the field of global affairs (e.g. Working for Diplomatic Strategy in G7 or ODA countries) with Master‟s degree program within 2-year only (No Korean language program).


- R&D  and  Global  Network  academic  fields were established  by  the GKS  participating universities

- Applicants  can  only  apply  to  the  universities  and departments  that are  listed  in  the "University Information" file attached under the GKS Notice post in Study in Korea website. ( > Scholarship > GKS Notice) 

- Refer to "3. 2024 University Information(RD, Global Network).zip" attached file for details


<2024  Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees (GKS-G)>


In 2024, Korean government aims to invite 2,200 international students for 2024 Global Korea Scholarship program for graduate degrees.


Applicants must apply either to a Korean Embassy where they hold citizenship (embassy track) or directly to one of the designated universities (university track).


For inquiries regarding application submission (i.e., application deadline, submission method, additional required documents, authentication, translation certificate, etc.), please contact each embassy and university directly since they will be conducting the first round of selection.


For more information about the program, please refer to the all attached files carefully.


Best regards, 

GKS Center


<<2024 GKS-G졸업예정자 지원 가능 >>

Starting from 2024 GKS-G, applicants who are expected to graduate by July 31st, 2024 can also apply for the program with a certificate of expected graduation or provisional degree and the latest version of the academic transcript with the present CGPA information. Such applicants must submit their official graduation certificate (or diploma) that indicates the date of graduation (or degree acquisition date) and final academic transcript to GKS Center, NIIED by July 31st, 2024. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your acceptance. No exceptions will be allowed.


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