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Basic Information

大学名 SEOUL INSTITUTE OF THE ARTS Year of Establishment 1962
国立/公立/私立の区分 Private 外国人大学生の誘致管理能力認証大学 NO
Website https://www.seoulartsintl.com/ Website for Language Institute

Number of international students

Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Associate Degree Etc. Total
Number of students 0 0 0 19 0 19

Number of students and professors

Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 48 37 38 318 8 449

Number of students and professors

Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Associate Degree Etc. Total
Number of students 0 0 0 4,169 0 4,169


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    [SeoulArts] Admissions Guide for International Students 2021


Courses TOPIK Scholarship($) etc
Associate of Degree Level 4 or higher 850~900 Foreign Language Scholarship : TOPIK level 4 or higher
Bachelor of Degree Level 4 or higher 850~900 Foreign Language Scholarship : TOPIK level 4 or higher


  • 이름아이콘Applied Music (USA)

    - School of Music / Applied Music Program
    - Nationality : USA
    - Name : LEE JUSTIN K

    As I have been studying in Korea as a foreigner, the whole experience has been very exciting and unforgettable. Studying in a Korean university as a foreigner helped me to experience Korean culture and it has allowed me to make lots of friends and connections that I wouldn’t have had without attending school. I have always wondered about what attending school would be like in Korea, and what it would be like to be fully immersed into a school that uses a different language and a different system. At first, I had no idea that there was a school like this in Korea, where I could learn music through hands-on courses. After a lot of research, I had found out that Seoul Institute of the Arts was the place to go for people who wanted to major in music and gratefully, I have had the opportunity to be able to study at the prestigious Seoul Institute of the Arts. Seoul Institute of the Arts is not only a music school, but has a lot of different majors for those who are interested in art and media, such as, dance, theater, acting, korean traditional music, photography, broadcasting, etc. With students from all of these majors studying in one school, there are a lot of opportunities for collaborations between different fields of art. As the popularity of K-pop and Korean drama are rising worldwide, this school is the perfect place for foreigners who are interested in Korean culture to study at. While studying as a contemporary music major, I have learned to appreciate the courses that this school teaches and the opportunities that come through this school. One of the classes that I have really enjoyed was an Ensemble Class. Through this class, I learned about different musical genres and their history. It’s also fun getting to play different pieces of music with students from different sub majors such as vocalists, pianists, bassist, guitarist, etc. This class also opens up lots of opportunities for collaborations. There are also other classes that teach various subjects such as Music Theory, Song Writing, Sound Design, Music Recording, Audio Processing, DJ, and many more. As a foreigner who had a lot of interest in Korean culture and arts, I would say that Seoul Institute of the Arts is the best place for people like me to study at. Now as I prepare to graduate, I plan on using the skills that I have learned from this school to carry out my career in music. I started DJing through a class that I took from this school and I plan on continuing to work as a DJ in the future whether it’s at local events and hopefully even at bigger festivals in the future. I also plan on working as a music producer in the future making my releasing my own music as well as producing songs for other artists. Classes like Song Writing, Music Theory, and Audio Processing have helped me and taught me a lot in terms of the production side of music. I also plan on returning back to America later in the future to continue my music career and that the curriculum and the connections that I made here at Seoul Institute of the Arts are going to be a huge help to me.
  • 이름아이콘Acting (Indonesia)

    - School of Performance / Acting Program
    - Nationality : Indonesia
    - Name : Gomes Michael Eka

    Halo. Nama saya Michael Eka Gomes. Saya orang Indonesia yang sedang berada di Korea Selatan untuk belajar akting di Seoul Institute of the Arts. Seperti yang kita ketahui Korea Selatan terkenal di seluruh dunia terutama mengenai entertainment. Contohnya seperti drama Korea (biasa dikenal dengan K-drama) dan K-pop (music pop dari Korea). Hal inilah yang membuat saya tertarik untuk belajar akting di Korea Selatan. Saya pertama tiba di Korea pada tahun 2017. Sebelum saya masuk kampus untuk belajar akting, saya belajar Bahasa Korea selama satu tahun. Belajar Bahasa tidak hanya penting untuk nantinya saya bisa berkomunikasi atau mendengar ataupun membaca dan menulis tapi hal ini diperlukan juga untuk saya nantinya mengambil tes Bahasa Korea (TOPIK) yang diperlukan atau yang menjadi salah satu syarat untuk belajar di kampus Korea.
    Setelah belajar Bahasa Korea selama satu tahun, saya tidak tahu sekolah atau kampus terbaik mana untuk belajar akting di Korea Selatan. Kemudian temen mama saya yang adalah orang Korea merekomendasikan saya untuk sekolah di Soul Institute of the Arts. Saya tidak begitu tahu banyak tentang sekolah tersebut sampai saya mencari informasi tentang sekolah itu. Kampus Seoul Institute of the Arts merupakan salah satu sekolah seni terbaik di Korea Selatan dan telah melahirkan banyak artis terkenal yang bisa kita lihat di drama-drama Korea. Setelah mempersiapkan semua syarat yang diperlukan untuk masuk ke Seoul Institute of the Arts dan mengikuti setiap ujian yang ada, saya berhasil menjadi bagian dari kampus ini pada tahun 2019. Saat ini saya berada di tahun ke-3 tahun terakhir saya di kampus ini. Setelah tiga tahun belajar di sekolah ini, ada banyak hal yang saya pelajari dari kampus ini. Karena saya mengambil jurusan akting di kampus ini, saya dapat belajar banyak dari kampus ini tentang akting dan menjadi lebih baik dalam akting. Kampus ini tidak hanya mengajarkan kita untuk belajar akting untuk diri kita sendiri tapi kami juga diajarkan untuk belajar akting dari orang lain atau dari teman kita yang belajar bersama. Hal menarik dari kampus ini adalah tidak hanya belajar akting saja melainkan kita juga bisa belajar pelajaran lain yang dapat mengasah kita untuk menjadi lebih baik dibidang seni. Contohnya, kita bisa belajar menyanyi, dance atau menari, menjadi sutradara, dan banyak hal lain. Hal menarik lagi dari kampus ini adalah kita bisa belajar pelajaran yang bukan bagian atau jurusan kita. Contohnya kita bisa belajar tentang jurusan perfilman (sutradara, cara shooting film, dsb.), jurusan periklanan, jurusan fotografi, dan banyak lagi (selama kelas atau pelajaran tersebut terbuka untuk semua jurusan bisa diikuti). Untuk jurusan acting, setelah melewati tahun pertama di kampus ini pada tahun kedua akan ada kelas yang dinamakan ‘production class’. Ada lima pilihan ‘production class’ yang bisa kita ambil di kampus ini tergantung dari pilihan kita. Lima kelas tersebut ada musical, teater, film, broadcasting (TV), dan LAB (sebuah karya yang dibuat langsung oleh mahasiswa yang belajar di kampus ini). ’Production class’ ini disiapkan khusus untuk para mahasiswa agar dapat belajar, mempersiapkan diri, dan merasakan bagaimana rasanya nanti saat kita lulus dan menjadi bagian di bidang entertainment.
    Kesimpulannya, kampus ini sangat direkomendasikan untuk anda yang ingin belajar seni di Korea Selatan. Ada berbagai macam jurusan juga di kampus ini yang bisa diambil sesuai dengan apa yang ingin anda pelajari. Yang terakhir, kampus ini juga dapat membuat anda bertemu dengan orang korea dan berteman dengan mereka juga di kampus ini juga bisa belajar tentang budaya korea di kampus ini, dan banyak juga pilihan club yang bisa diikuti untuk mengisi waktu luang di kampus ini.

    Hi. My name is Michael Eka Gomes. I'm from Indonesia, and currently, I live in South Korea because I'm studying acting at Seoul Institute of the Arts. As you all know Korea these days have great entertainment that's famous around the world. For example, K-dramas and K-pop. So that's why I came to Korea to learn acting because I know Korea will be an excellent place to learn acting. I came to Korea at the end of 2017. Before I enter acting school, I learned Korean language for one year. That also essential for me to get TOPIK as one of the requirements to enter any college in Korea.
    After finishing learning Korean language, I don't know which is the best acting school in Korea. Then my mom's friend, who is Korean, recommended me Seoul Institute of the Arts. I don't know much about Seoul Institute of the Arts initially, but after some research about this school, I found out that this school is one of the best art school in South Korea and has some great alumni that are now famous in the entertainment business. After preparing everything and taking the exam to enter this school, I can be a part of this school since 2019. Right now, I'm in my third year in this school. After three years of learning in this school, I did learn a lot from this school. Since I took acting as my major, I learned a lot about acting in this school, which made me much better at acting. This school didn't just teach us to learn acting for ourselves, but they also teach us to learn from others (or our friends) in class. And what's excellent about this school is that it's not just acting that you can learn other courses that we can take to improve our skills. For example, you can learn singing, dancing, directing and many others. Another great thing about this school is that you can learn other courses that are not your major. So you can learn about movies (directing, shooting a film, etc.), advertisements, photography, and many others (as long as those courses are open for another major, you can listen to it). After you finished your first year in this school as an acting major, you have to take a production course. There are five choices of production that you can take according to your interest. There are musical, theater, film, broadcasting, and LAB (a play created directly by the students). These productions help us learn and feel what it is like to be in the entertainment business later on after learning from this school.
    In conclusion, this school is a recommendation for any of you who wants to learn arts in South Korea. There is also a lot of major choices in this school that you can take. Finally, this school can also make you meet many Korean friends and learn Korean culture while learning in this school, and also you can get into lots of club choices to fill up your leisure time or to have fun.
  • 이름아이콘Dance (China)

    - School of Performance / Dance Program
    - Nationality : China
    - Name : Hong Mei

    我是首尔艺术大学公演创作学部舞蹈专攻实用舞蹈/专业深化过程的学生洪美。我是在2018年入的学, 在首尔艺术大学取得专业学士的毕业证。直接连着考上了学士学位。在首尔艺术大学里有很多对外国人留学生的福利,并且都很不错。列举几个我本人在这个学校里经历的一些事情,还有这个学校的可能性。首先一个外国人要在韩国上学就算语言合格,也会有一些因为生活习惯的问题也会导致不适应。所以我校在进行一项‘Buddy Program’(就是在学校帮助留学生招聘在校生中对外国人比较感兴趣的学生进行一对一的帮助学校会给给予帮助的学生相对应的钱)就是一项双赢的项目。在写作业的方面上有困难可以找自己的buddy 来帮助自己,一起吃饭一起上课都是可以的。以后你也可以通过这种方式来帮助自己的后辈留学生。
  • 이름아이콘Acting (Japan)

    - School of Performance / Acting Program
    - Nationality : Japan
    - Name : Sae

    アンニョンハセヨ!私は日本人の彩恵です。日本の年齢では高校卒業したばかりの18歳です。私は 今ソウル芸術大学で演技の勉強をしています。京畿道安山市にある自然に囲まれたキャンパスで学 校生活を送っています。
    私は入試の準備を始めるのが遅かったため、他の学生のように演技スクールに長く通うこともな く入学してしまい、最初は他の学生についていけるのか不安でした。ですが、教授がとても丁寧 に基礎から理論的に教えてくださるので、今は心配なく楽しみながら学んでいます。分からないことがあったり助けが必要な時は周りの友達やお姉さんお兄さんが助けてくれます!優しい人が多く、お互い助けながら学んでいく雰囲気です。



• Applicants must either hold or be expected to hold a high school diploma (or equivalents). Those who meet either one of the conditions in the box below must hold a high proficiency in Korean ‐ TOPIK level 3 or a higher grade.

1. Non-Korean students with non-Korean parents
• The student must be a non-Korean with non-Korean parents. If the student or any one of the student’s parents has dual citizenship with Korea, the student is NOT eligible for the International Students track.
• Exception : A Taiwanese applicant with one parent of Taiwanese citizenship and one parent of Korean citizenship are eligible to apply.

2. Students who have received their entire education outside of Korea
• Must have completed the entire primary and secondary education outside of Korea (12 years in total).


1. Foreign nationals whose parents are both foreign nationals
•Application Form for International Students
•Certificate of Graduation/Expected Graduation (Highschool)
* Apostille authentication /Consular legalization required
•Highschool Transcript
* Apostille authentication /Consular legalization required
•Certificate of Entry & Exit (Applicant)
* Issued by the Korea Immigration Service
* Applicants who have never entered Korea may submit the document after enrollment
•Copy of Passport (Applicant)
•Proof of Non-Korean Nationality (e.g. copy of passport) (For Both Parents)
* Also, Residence Card copy for foreign nationals residing in Korea
•Proof of Familial Relations between the applicant and the applicant’s parents
* Ex. (China) Certificate of Kinship, Household Register
(Japan) Family Register
(US) Birth Certificate
* Foreign nationals with no relations to Korea are to submit


1. Incoming Freshmen
- Awarded to the top three incoming students based on their admission scores
(only when more than 30 students accepted)
• 1st place: 100% of Tuition
• 2nd place: 75% of Tuition
• 3rd place: 50% of Tuition

2. Enrolled Students
1) International Students Scholarship
: GPA 3.0 or higher (Eligible for each semester) / 50% of Tuition
2) Foreign Language Scholarship
: TOPIK level 4 or higher / KRW 1,000,000 (1 time while in school)
※ Application for scholarships are available after admission.


• Accommodates 498 students
• Two persons per room, fully finished with a private bathroom
• Dormitory Fee (per semester): KRW 1,650,000 (The amount is from the academic year 2022)
• International students receive the first priority for dormitory space


1. Applicants who satisfy one of the conditions below.
① Acquired Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) Level 3 or higher
② Completed Intermediate Level 1 or higher at the King Sejong Institute
③ Completed Level 4 or higher at a Korean language institute/school run by a university in Korea
④ Passed the Korean Language proficiency test conducted by SeoulArts (test schedule and other details to be announced)

2. Korean Language Proficiency Test conducted by SeoulArts
- Proceed online.
- Please contact me by email for more information about the test.

3. TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean)
- Administrator : National Institute for International Education (NIIED), Ministry of Education in Korea.
- Test Results : TOPIK results are valid for two(2) years from the time of test result announcement.
- You can check the schedule and location of the national/international examination through the website.
※ For more information, please visit the TOPIK we


• Our institute does not run a language school.
• However, we are considering opening an online Korean language course for international students in 2022.


• The details of auditions will be guided through the our website.
- URL : https://www.seoularts.ac.kr/mbs/kr/subview.jsp?id=kr_020102030000


1. Tuition Fee (per year)
1) Associate in Fine Arts Program (AFA)
• School of Theatre / Dance / Acting / Arts Management : KRW 7,984,000
• School of Film / Broadcasting / Digital Arts / Photography : KRW 8,456,000
• School of Korean Music / Applied Music : KRW 8,928,000
• School of Visual Design / Spatial Design / Creative Advertising : KRW 7,828,000
• School of Creative Writing / Dramatic Writing : KRW 7,200,000
2) Bachelor of Fine Arts Program (BFA)
• School of Performing Arts / Media Arts : KRW 8,116,000
※ The following is the tuition for the 2022 academic year. The tuition for the 2022 academic year will be announced in Febuary 2023


Admin Name Tel. E-mail
Kkot-yi Park +82314127429 intl2@seoularts.ac.kr