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Basic Information

大学名 DAELIM UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Year of Establishment 1977
国立/公立/私立の区分 Private 外国人大学生の誘致管理能力認証大学 NO
Website http://eng.daelim.ac.kr/ Website for Language Institute

Number of international students

Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Associate Degree Etc. Total
Number of students 0 0 0 72 0 72

Number of students and professors

Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 85 85 219 177 0 566

Number of students and professors

Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Associate Degree Etc. Total
Number of students 0 0 0 10,583 0 10,583


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    2022 Second Round Admissions Guide for International Students
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    2022학년도 후기 외국인 특별전형 입학안내


Courses TOPIK Scholarship($) etc
Associate of Degree Level 3 or higher 500~1650 Scholarships for International Students

* Scholarship upon Enrollment

TOPIK Level 3 or below: 20% deduction of tuition
TOPIK Level 4 : 30% deduction of tuition
TOPIK Level 4 : 50% deduction of tuition

* Fall Semester of freshman year ~ Graduation

Obtain 15 credits or more without failing grade on the previous semester
Academic Grade A: Avg. GPA 4.0 or above / Full tuition scholarship
Academic Grade B: Avg. GPA 3.5 or above and below 4.0 / Deduction of 50% of tuition
Academic Grade C: Avg. GPA 2.6 or above and below 3.5 / Deduction of 30% of tuition


  • 이름아이콘Huynh Trung Kien
    Hello, My name is Huynh Trung Kien, I am 24 years old from Vietnam, and I am currently a third year student at Daelim University College, majoring in automotive engineering. Before coming to Korea, I had so much hope and expectation for my new life in Korea. Studying abroad in Korea means not only learning a new language, but it was even more so about making my dream a reality. I had heard that Korea has a good educational environment and is a very convenient place to live with a good public transportation system and good access to internet service. Korea is also known for being advanced in automotive technology. Specifically automotive brands like Huyndai and Kia have state-of-the-art technology. So, I wanted to come to Korea to study automotive engineering and I was very happy when I actually got here in Korea. However, I was afraid at the same time since many things were unfamiliar to me and I didn’t know much people here. But as I started the Korean language program in school, it Became easier to adapt to my new life. Soon after, I was able to make many friends and started working At a part-time job. Overall, I think living and studying abroad is not easy. When my Korean proficiency was still not good, communication was the biggest obstacle. But as I studied more, everything got easier and I got to learn many new things. I can say that the most important thing when studying abroad is that you should be able to handle everything yourself.

    There were many lonely and hard times, but these times made me to be more mature and more independent as a person in the end. When there were times I was lonely and sad, friends and people around me encouraged me to feel better and be less stressed. Also, because I studied with other foreign students, I developed better relationships with people and I believe this will eventually help me overcome my weaknesses and develop my strengths.
    I think studying abroad can be the first step in making one person’s dream come true. Also, I can say that studying abroad is a good investment for myself because I believe that my effort will help me to accomplish my dream.
    What Daelim University means to me

    Hello everyone. My name is NGUYEN VAN LINH and I am in my 2nd year of Daelim university college, majoring in automotive engineering.

    In my presentation today, I'll be talking about “What Dealim University College means to me”.

    I Believe that before coming to university, you all thought a lot about what major you would study and which university you would enter. I did too. During my last semester at the Korean Language Institute, I worried a lot about this decision. This is because I thought that if I chose the wrong major, I could give up while studying or it would be difficult for me to get a good job after graduation. This would be the waste of my time and money.

    As you all know, these days Vietnam's economy is gradually developing, and as a result, the numbers of cars are increasing instead of motorcycles. So, I thought that studying automotive engineering will improve my employment opportunities. If I go back to Vietnam as an automobile expert, I can start my own business or I may get an opportunity to work as a high-tech engineer for an automotive company. So, I decided to study automotive engineering. Once I decided my major, I started to think about what college will be a good fit for me.

    I have a question for you all.
    Does the environment matter? Does our surrounding have an impact on our lives?
    In my opinion, the environment and our surrounding are very important to all of us. I believe our surrounding and environment that we live in can greatly influence the outcome of our lives. At a good university, with good professors and hard-working students, students will do well and grow in life. Therefore, I thought that choosing the right university is a very important choice that I had to make.
    So, I did a lot of research on universities on the Internet and also got advice from people at my part time work place.

    Then my boss at work told me about Ajou Motor College, Yongin Songdam University, and Daelim University College. Then one of my Korean friends mentioned that Daelim university college is the best school for automotive engineering. So I applied to Daelim University College and enrolled in September of 2019. Then my campus life started. In Daelim, we have many renowned professors and good field practice programs. Also, we have good campus facilities and have various programs for students.

    The University offers good student counseling programs and frequently conducts student survey asking for students’ satisfaction for things such as qualities of cafeteria, school shuttles, dormitories, etc. This seems to help improve the quality of campus life.

    Nowadays, because of COVID 19 pandemics, most Korean student are having a hard time, but all the professors took their time trying to encourage and help not only Korean students, but also international students. They gave us encouragement and showed a genuine concern about the fact that we couldn’t go back to our home countries during the vacation.

    Daelim university college is a place students can experience warmth and comfort. Not only from other students, but from the professors and staff as well.
    For me, Daelim University is a place where I can achieve my dreams and prepare for my future. It's a place that gives me strength when I'm having a hard time.

    I will study hard and do my best for everything I do to be a proud Daelim university student.

    Thank you for listening to my presentation.


Admin Name Tel. E-mail
Kang Young Mee 82-31-467-4592 ymkang@daelim.ac.kr
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