In April 1954, Inha University was founded according to a proposal made by then-President Syngman Rhee, under the goal to create an analogue of 'MIT (Massachusettes Institute of Technology) in the East' for improvements in the field of engineering in Korea. Inha University was recognized as the 'Top University' in 2006 by the Comprehensive Assessment of Universities, and is a widely recognized, prestigious university in Korea. Inha University was listed on the 'Top 10 Universities in Korea' for 6 years (2004~2009). In 2016, according to the rating of the newspaper "Chunggang Ilbo", he took the 10th place in the list of popular universities. The school has also firmly secured its status as a prestigious private university in Korea as it was ranked 68th in Asia by QS-Chosun College Evaluation. Through INHA Vision, the school has set a goal to place itself in the list of 'Top 100 Universities in the World' by 2025.

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