Dr. Kwon Young-woo[Minsong] established Semyung University in 1991 in accordance with the founding philosophy “Wi Se Gwang Myeong.” Since that time, we at Semyung have been making great advances towards our goal of becoming one of the most prestigious private universities in Korea. Presently there are, many obstacles to overcome in accomplishing this goal, and we cannot afford to stop innovating and challenging ourselves. We should all do our best to make Semyung a great center of learning that gives students a solid educational foundation, enabling them to adjust towhatever difficulties life may hold for them, at all stages of their lives. We must nurture our talented student body to have the practical and specialist knowledge demanded by today's industries and communities, and we must produce scholars that take the initiative in global competitive environments.


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Basic Information

大学名 SEMYUNG UNIVERSITY Year of Establishment 1990.11.28
国立/公立/私立の区分 Private 外国人大学生の誘致管理能力認証大学 YES
Website http://www.semyung.ac.kr/formul_cooper.do Website for Language Institute http://www.semyung.ac.kr/smiie.do

Number of international students

Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 10 12 0 116 150 288

Number of students and professors

Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 195 91 32 195 28 541

Number of students and professors

Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 42 213 0 7,647 0 7,902


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    2022-2nd semester Guideline


Courses TOPIK Scholarship($) etc
Bachelor of Degree Level 3 or higher 1000~50000 1. 장학혜택 Scholarship Benefits
① 입학금 면제 (100% Waiver of Admission Fee)
② 등록금 30% 감면 (신입학 4년, 편입학 2년) (30% Waiver of tuition fee during your study)
③ 기숙사 무상 제공, 학기 중 매월 40식 제공 (1년)
(Free Dormitory and Meals (40 meals per month for 1year))
④ 상해보험 가입 (1년) (Medical Insurance for 1year)
⑤ 왕복 항공 요금 지원 (입학 시 1회)
(One-time Airfare or Airplane ticket for round trip from beneficiary's home country to Korea)

2. TOPIK에 따른 추가 장학 지원
[Additional Scholarship Benefits according to the TOPIK Level]
- ③ ④ 항목은 TOPIK 4급 이상 취득하면 졸업 시까지 혜택 부여 함.
The grantee who has level 4 or higher in TOPIK will continue to enjoy the benefits of Dormitory, Food and Insurance until graduation.

3. 성적에 따른 추가 혜택
[Additional Scholarship Benefits according to the GPA]
- TOPIK 4급 이상을 소지한 학생이
(The grantee that has level 4 or higher in TOPIK)
•평점 3.0 이상 취득 시 40%,
(40% waiver of Tuition Fee if he or she has obtained GPA 3.0 or higher)
•평점 3.5 이상 취득시 60%,
(60% waiver of Tuition Fee if he or she has obtained GPA 3.5 or higher )
•평점 4.0 이상 취득시 70%를 감면
(70% waiver of Tuition Fee if he or she has obtained GPA 4.0 or higher )
※ 단, 평점 2.0 미만은 등록금 감면 혜택 없으며, 비자 연장 불가할 수 있음
(The scholarship benefit will be cancelled if grantee gets under GPA score of 2.0, and will be prohibited from extending their visa.)


  • 이름아이콘Lawrence Mensah
    Firstly, semyung university is very much developed technologically giving students easy access to information and simple ways to do things. Secondly the staff of semyung university are very workaholic especially professors and the staff at the International office making study life easy for students.
  • 이름아이콘Nosirxon_Uzbekistan
    We are having great time with both Korean and international students enjoying from comfortable facilities in international educational environment.
  • 이름아이콘Erika
    Studying in Semyung University has been a great experience so far. The university has a beautiful campus and professors that encourage and help you continuously self-develop
  • 이름아이콘Riday Paul
    By studying at Semyung University I got so many experiences, amongst them I like the campus very much and the professors who are helping me a lot. Also I never had a hard time here because I met so many friends who are really friendly and helpful as well. First and foremost, I am enjoying my university life to the fullest. :)
  • 이름아이콘Nawaz
    Hello Everyone! I joined Semyung university last year and has been a great experience so far. This semester I started my major and found professor’s very helpful. Campus location and atmosphere I like the most.
  • 이름아이콘Robin
    Hello, it hasn’t been long since I began studying at Semyung University, but I am having a really great time so far studying in a peaceful and great academic environment with great facilities, as well friendly staffs and students.
  • 이름아이콘Sofiia
    I felt Semyung University is very homey. Professors, students and good facilities are the most attractive parts studying at Semyung University. I am enjoying at Semyung University and I think it is very practical.
  • 이름아이콘Innie
    I met so many great friends at Semyung University and enjoyed good environment to study. Especially, I am so thankful to the professors because they are so kind and helpful at all times.



Yes you can. You can get GKS Master and Doctor's degree and BA degree as well.


Unfortunately, we don't provide any courses conducted in English. however, we have a few subjects conducted in English.


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Shim Yujin +82436491182 syj81@semyung.ac.kr