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Global Korea Scholarship Invitation Program for International Students (credit courses)
To provide awareness of the benefits of studying in Korea, to strengthen the global competence of Korean universities
Support period
10 months(two terms) or 4 months(one term) or summer/winter session* (* credit coursework during summer/winter break)(approximately)
Scholarship Benefits
category Tuition Monthly Allowance Settlement allowance Round-trip Airfare Medical insurance
amount 5,000,000 won per term 500,000 won per month 200,000 won upon arrival
※ not applicable to summer/winter sessions
Reimbursement available within the set amount Average health insurance premium for international students
Application Requirements
◦ Undergraduate students of the overseas(in ODA countries) universities that are partner universities of Global Korea Scholarship Invitation Program for International Students (credit courses). Students who are currently residing in Korea are not eligible for the program.
◦ Must have a cumulative score percentile 80% or above on a 100-point scale
◦ Must have completed at least two semesters
◦ Must not have been sponsored by Korean government
◦ Must hold foreign citizenship (dual citizenship holder–those who have Korean citizenship and citizenship of another country–are not eligible for the program)
◦ Must complete at least one class(2 credits or above) relevant to Korean language or Korean culture
◦ Scholarship recipients are not eligible for additional scholarships including the Korean Government Support Program for Foreign Exchange Students
Selection process
◦ NIIED selects the universities for the program
◦ Designated universities recommend potential scholarship students to NIIED and final successful candidates are confirmed after NIIED screening
Last modified : 2022-01-14