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Basic Information

Name of University JEONJU UNIVERSITY Year of Establishment 1953.05.05
National/Public/Private Private Certified University NO
Website www.jj.ac.kr/eng Website for Language Institute global.jj.ac.kr
SNS Information
Number of international students
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 0 0 0 835 446 1 281
Number of students and professors
Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 231 129 114 359 155 988
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 96 190 0 11 582 6 11 874

International Student Support Program

Possible Language Courses
Availability Yes
Name of course
Period of study
Tuition fee per semester($)
montly fee($)
Scholarship Support
Scholarship support for international students
Dormitory Support
Availability Yes
Dormitory capacity
Dormitory monthly fee($)
Part-time Job Opportunities
Availability Yes

School facilities

General Dormitory
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) 20,00 $ 804,00 $ 0,00 $ 63,00 $ 5
Capacity of Dormitory 1 828
facility : a seminar room, cafe, convenience store, cafeteria, lounge at every floor, laundry room, a communal kitchen, a shower stall and bathroom, etc.
Dormitory for International Students
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) 0,00 $ 4,00 $ 0,00 $ 12,00 $ 2
Capacity of Dormitory 56
Student Cafeteria
Divsion Breakfast Lunch Dinner Average cost per meal($)
Offered or not Y Y Y 3.6

Tuition Fee per Sememter($)

Affiliation(Department) Bachelor's Master's Doctorate Combined master's and doctorate Associate Degree Etc.


'Health club, tennis court, open-air theater, movie appreciation room, etc.'

Special Course for International Students

Admission information(Master's)

Enrollment period Every year March, October
Application period Every year June, November Period of study 2years 6months
Admission Guidelines
'1. Required Documents
1) Application sheet(prescribed form)
2) Bachelor degree certificate and school records
2. Qualifications
1) Foreign student with a foreign nationality that has
graduated from a 4 year university. Student with similar, or higher
scholastic ability
3. Procedure
1) Submit written application
2) Interview
4. Scholarship for foreign students
1) For Freshman 30% of registration fee is exempted
2) For students whose grade are over 4.0 during registration
(maximum scale of 4.5) 40% of registration fee is exempted
3) For the Incumbent of this school 40% of registration fee
is exempted

Information of department

Number Name of University Affiliation(Department) Department/Major Quota English-taught
1 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 00 Public Administration
2 COMPUTER ENGINEERING 00 Computer Engineering
3 ARCHITECTURE ENGINEERING 00 Architectural Design, Architectural Environment and Equipment, Architectural Management
4 STUDY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 00 Materials/Design, Heat/Fluids, Vibrations/Noise, Production/Control
5 MANUFACTURING & DESIGN ENGINEERIG 00 Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering
6 FIRE SAFETY ENGINEERING 00 Fire Safety Engineering
7 ENERGY ENGINEERING 00 Energy Engineering
8 ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 00 Semiconductors, Communications, Electric Power Systems, Power Electronics Engineering, Information
9 INFORMATION COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING 00 Multimedia Communications, Communication System
10 CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 00 Structural Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Geo-Engineering, Environmental Engineering
11 MUSIC 00 Voice, Piano, Orchestra, Composition, Theory, Conducting
12 POLICE ADMINISTRATION 00 Police Administration, Criminal Psychology
13 KOREAN LITERATURE & LANGUAGE 00 Korean Literature, Korean Linguistics, Korean Language & Culture Education
14 FINANCIAL INSURANCE 00 Finance, Insurance
15 LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE 00 Library & Information, Science, Information Science
16 REAL ESTATE 00 Real Estate Policies, Real Estate Investment.Administration, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Development.Finance
17 SOCIAL WELFARE 00 Social Service
18 SINO-KOREA TRADE AND INVESTMENT 00 Korean-Chinese Trade, Korean-Chinese Investment
19 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 00 Personnel Management, Production Management, Marketing, Financial Management
20 LAW 00 Public Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Mercantile Law, International Law
21 HISTROY 00 Korean History, East Asian History, Western History
22 COUNSELLING 00 Counseling Psychology
23 ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE 00 English, English Literature, TESOL, Translation Studies
24 STATISTICS 00 Statistics
25 HEALTH SCIENCE 00 Skin, Obesity, Health Improvement, Functional Foods
26 REHABILITATION SCIENCE 00 Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Vocational Rehabilitation
27 TRADITIONAL FOOD BUSINESS 00 Traditional Cooking, Production of Traditional Foods
28 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 00 Psychosomatic Therapy, Manual Arts Cures, Biologically-Based Practices, Energy Therapy
29 CULTURE TECHNOLOGY 00 Contents Planning, Contents Policy, Contents Development, Contents Design
30 PHYSICAL EDUCATION 00 Physical Education
31 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 00 Environmental Science
32 RECORDS MANAGEMENT 00 Records Management
33 NANO AND ADVANCED MATERIALS SCIENCE 00 Nano and Advanced Materials
34 INFORMATION SYSTEMS 00 Information Management, Information Systems
35 Tourism service administration 00 Tourism service administration
36 EDUCATION 00 Curriculum, Educational technology, Educational Psychology measure evaluation, Educational administration.lifelong education, Special education
37 Life resources integrated science 00 Life resources fusion knowledge, Agro-Medical industry, Biochemical analysis, Agroindustry business economics fusion, Food fusion science
38 Arts therapy 00 Music therapy, Art therapy
39 Art & Design 00 Visual design, Product design, Living design, Interior design, Design culture planning
The university staff is reponsible for the the above listed information.
We kindly advise candidates to apply for universities according to their preference by searching and collecting university information through various channels(internet,university website, press report, etc).