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Basic Information

Name of University CHOSUN UNIVERSITY Year of Establishment 1946.09.29
National/Public/Private Private Certified University YES
Website Website for Language Institute
SNS Information
* International Education Quality Assurance System
Number of international students
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 122 73 18 413 288 914
Number of students and professors
Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 507 235 142 328 681 1.893
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 409 455 111 19.469 0 20.444

International Student Support Program

Possible Language Courses
Availability Yes
Name of course Korean Language Course
Quota 20 students/ class
Period of study 20 weeks/ 1 semester
Qualifications Foreigners who graduated from high school or higher
Tuition fee per semester($) 2,125
montly fee($) 425
Scholarship Support
Scholarship support for international students
Name of scholarship Excellent scholarship for foreign students (Undergraduate student)
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered 25% - 100% of Tuition fee
- Class 1: Average grade point average of last semester is 4.2 or more (100% of tuition fee)
- Class 2: Average grade point average of last semester is 3.8 or more and less than 4.2 (50% of tuition fee)
- Class 3: Average grade point average of last semester is 3.5 or more and less than 3.8 (33% of tuition fee)
- Class 4: Average grade point average of last semester is 3.0 or more and less than 3.5 (25% of tuition fee)
Name of scholarship Freshman Foreign Students TOPIK Scholarship (Undergraduate)
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered 33% - 100% of Tuition fee
- TOPIK Level 3 holders: 33% of tuition fee
- TOPIK Level 4 holders: 50% of tuition fee
- TOPIK Level 5 holders: 100% of tuition fee
Name of scholarship Research Assistant Scholarship (Graduate students)
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered 50% of Tuition fee
Selection by advising professor
Name of scholarship Excellent scholarship for new foreign students (Graduate student)
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered 33% of Tuition fee (4 Semesters)
Top 15 applicants for freshman applicants(Graduate Student)
Dormitory Support
Availability Yes
Dormitory capacity 2888
Dormitory monthly fee($) $160
Qualifications Selection of new students first / Selection of students in order of grades and punishment points
Part-time Job Opportunities
Availability No

Field of Special Courses & Courses in English

Field of Special Course
Next-generation high-tech parts materials, Climate change / New energy, Medical / Biotechnology, IT / Culture / Media
Courses in English
*****Courses of Foreign Speaker and Conversation from Department of Foreign Languages are not
Intermediate English, English Sentence Training, Internet English World,
Computational Physics, Computational Physics 2, Crisis Management PR, International Business,
International Finance, Business Internship, Advanced Accounting, Theory of Financial
Accounting, Thermodynamics, Mechanic Vibration, Numerical Analysis, Optimum Method, Ocean
Hydrodynamics, English Teaching Material Study and Techniques, English Grammar 1, English
Comprehensive History, Practical English Listening, English Listening 2, American Literature
Study, Physical Pharmacy 2, etc.
Courses in other Foreign Languages

School facilities

General Dormitory
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $300,00 $160,00 $110,00 $90,00
Capacity of Dormitory 2.888
Dormitory for International Students
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $0,00 $180,00 $0,00 $0,00
Capacity of Dormitory 572
Student Cafeteria
Divsion Breakfast Lunch Dinner Average cost per meal($)
Offered or not Y Y Y 3

Tuition Fee per Sememter($)

Affiliation(Department) Bachelor's Master's Doctorate Combined master's and doctorate Associate Degree Etc.
College of TI Convergence 3.600 4.800 5.300 0
College of Business 2.800 3.400 4.000 0
College of Engineering 3.600 4.800 5.300 0
College of Global Humanities 2.800 3.400 4.000 0
College of Arts and Design and Physical Education 3.600 4.800 5.300 0
College of Law and Social Sciences 2.800 3.400 4.000 0
College of Natural and Health Sciences and Safety Management 3.200 4.100 4.800 0


1. University Life Cooperative Association (self-governed economic cooperative system of
university members)
2. Gymnasium (various sports)
3. Museum
4. Language center: Various foreign languages including English can be learned and, various
events and seminars are conducted.
5. Multi-media room, media producing room, audio-visual room
6. Tennis court, basketball court, soccer ground, toe-ball ground, piano practicing
rooms, dancing room, art practical skill room
7. Open-air theater

Special Course for International Students

Admission information(Master's)

Enrollment period Every March, September
Application period May, November Period of study 2years
Admission Guidelines Graduate_Admission_Information_Kor(Fall 2019).pdf
Graduate_Admission_Information_Eng(Fall 2019).pdf
Graduate_Application_Form(Fall 2019).doc
■ Scholarship

1. 33%-of-tuition-fee remission is awarded to 15 excellent students among applicants each semester.
(Students who receive this scholarship have to maintain their GPA (Grade Point Average) 3.5 or better during their study period at Chosun University. Valid for four semesters: 2 years), who has language scores only.

2. 50%-of-tuition-fee remission will be awarded to students who are selected as research assistants by their advising professor.

Information of department

Number Name of University Affiliation(Department) Department/Major Quota English-taught
1 Dept. of Law
2 Dept. of Political Science and International Relations
3 Dept. of Economics
4 Dept. of Business Administration
5 Dept. of Trade
6 Dept. of Public Administration
7 Dept. of Korean Language and Literature
8 Dept. of English Language and Literature
9 Dept. of History
10 Dept. of Philosophy
11 Dept. of Journalism and Communications
12 Dept. of Aesthetics and Art History
13 Dept. of Special Education
14 Dept. of Education
15 Dept. of Korean Language Education
16 Dept. of Social Welfare
17 Dept. of Literature and Creation
18 *Dept. of International Tea Culture
19 Dept. of Western Studies
20 Dept. of Asian Languages and Cultures
21 Dept. of Speech and Language Pathology
22 *Dept. of Translation of Sino-Korean Classics
23 Dept. of Counselling Psychology
24 *Dept. of FTA Business
25 *Dept. of Regional Culture Studies
26 *Dept. of Fire Protection and Disaster Prevention
27 *Dept. of Faculty of Consular Administration
28 *Dept. of Convergence Entrepreneurship
29 Dept. of Chemistry
30 Dept. of Food and Nutrition
31 Dept. of Computer Science and Statistics
32 Dept. of Nursing
33 Dept. of Pharmacy
34 Dept. of Science Education
35 Dept. of Mathematics Education
36 Dept. of Physics
37 *Dept. of Art Therapy
38 Dept. of Integrative Biological Sciences
39 Dept. of Civil Engineering
40 Dept. of Electrical Engineering
41 Dept. of Chemical Engineering
42 Dept. of Aerospace Engineering
43 Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
44 Dept. of Computer Engineering
45 Dept. of Environmental Engineering
46 Dept. of Control and Instrumentation Engineering
47 Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering
48 *Dept. of IT Fusion Technology
49 Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
50 Dept. of Electronic Engineering
51 Dept. of Industrial Engineering
52 Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
53 Dept. of Photonic Engineering
54 Dept. of Mechanical System and Automotive Engineering
55 Dept. of Advanced Materials Engineering
56 Dept. of Advanced Energy and Resources Engineering
57 *Dept. of Energy Convergence
58 Dept. of Architectural Engineering
59 Department of Welding and Joinning Science Engineering
60 *Department of Smart Vehicle System Engineering
61 Dept. of Music
62 Dept. of Art
63 Dept. of Design
64 Dept. of Cartoon and Animation
65 *School of Design and Creative Engineering
66 Dept. of Physical Education
67 Dept. of Medicine
68 Dept. of Dental Science
69 Dept. of Biodental Engineering
70 *Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
The university staff is reponsible for the the above listed information.
We kindly advise candidates to apply for universities according to their preference by searching and collecting university information through various channels(internet,university website, press report, etc).