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Basic Information

Name of University HALLYM UNIVERSITY Year of Establishment 1982.01.08
National/Public/Private Private IEQAS* University YES
Website Website for Language Institute
* International Education Quality Assurance System
Number of international students
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 0 0 0 0 0 0
Number of students and professors
Professors Professor/ Associate professor Assistant professor/ Full-time lecturer Adjunct professor/ Visiting professor Part-time lecturer Etc. Total
Number of professors 575 224 67 157 139 1,162
Students Doctorate Master's Combined Master's and Doctorate Bachelor's Etc. Total
Number of students 133 326 11 8,277 0 8,747

International Student Support Program

Possible Language Courses
Availability Yes
Name of course Intensive Korean
Period of study
Qualifications Foreign students who have completed high school education are eligible.
Tuition fee per semester($) 1100
montly fee($) 440
Scholarship Support
Scholarship support for international students
Name of scholarship Foreigner Scholarship(Undergraduate)
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered
Those who have entered or joined the university as a foreigner can receive scholarships according to their last semester's GPA.
1. 1st Semester: 50% Reduction (Admission fee should be paid)
2. The scholarship(tuition reduction) is commensurate with grades.
Above 4.3: 60% Reduction, 4.29~3.0: 50% Reduction, 2.99~2.5; 40% Reduction, 2.49~2.0: 30% Reduction,
Below 2.0: No Reduction
Name of scholarship Hallym scholarship A
Coverage of scholarship
Amount of scholarship offered
Those who have got an admission from Hallym Graduate School and pay tuition fee by themselves, having GPA over 3.5 of bachelor or master's degree.
Dormitory Support
Availability Yes
Dormitory capacity 2600
Dormitory monthly fee($) USD150~USD330 per month
Qualifications Undergraduate, Graduate, Exchange Student, Language Student
Part-time Job Opportunities
Availability No

Field of Special Courses & Courses in English

Field of Special Course
College of International Studies(International Trade and Business, Legal Informatics and Forensic Science, International conference interpretation studies) Div of Speech Pathology & Audiology, Biomedical Sciences, Convergence Software
Courses in English
Classes of College of International Studies are taught in English.
Courses in other Foreign Languages

School facilities

General Dormitory
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $0.00 $300.00 $150.00 $0.00
Capacity of Dormitory 2,745
New Dormitory, Palbongjae, Bonguijae, Yongwhajae, Eamjae, Soyangjae, Keumbyeongjae
Dormitory for International Students
Divsion Single Double Triple Room for 4 Etc.
montly fee($) $0.00 $0.00 $150.00 $0.00
Capacity of Dormitory 159
HID, Hallym International Dormitory
Student Cafeteria
Divsion Breakfast Lunch Dinner Average cost per meal($)
Offered or not Y Y Y 2.5

Tuition Fee per Sememter($)

Affiliation(Department) Bachelor's Master's Doctorate Combined master's and doctorate Associate Degree Etc.


1. Global Lounge
2. Hallym University chuncheon sacred heart Hospital, Health Clinic
3. Il-song Library
4. Gym, Soccer field, Golf Practice Rounge, Tennis Court, etc
5. Little Theater
6. Il-song Art Hall
7. Sport Complex center( swimming pool, fitness center, squash coat)
8. Prayer room

Special Course for International Students

Name of curricula Culture Industry Management Language
Period of study 4years Enrollment period March, September
Quota 00 Application period June, December
Tuition fee 4000 Scholarship
Required documentation
Note The Culture Industry Major in Hallym University is specialized in business administration which is included in the field of 'culture' and learns about the planning and operation of various cultural contents such as entertainment, performances, conventions, exhibitions, festivals, events and tourism. In addition to business management approach to culture, we provide differentiated education for various leisure and service sectors during the semester.

Admission information(Master's)

Enrollment period Every March/September
Application period Every Oct-Nov, May-Jun Period of study 2 years
Admission Guidelines
1. Documents Required
1) Application sheet (fixed document)
2) Bachelor degree certificate and records certificate
3) Study Plan
4) Resume

2. Qualifications
-Student who graduated university or will graduate before entrance
-Counselling with faculty professor is needed.

3. Application Period
-Application Period for Spring semester Admissions(March): October~September every year.
-Application Period for Fall semester Admissions(September): May ~ June every year.

4. Application Procedure

(1) Applicant : Please refer to the Guideline for admission posted on the graduate
school homepage, put together and scan all required documents
listed in the guideline, and send the electronic file to us at
(2) Graduate school : reviews the file and a status of the file will be informed to
the applicant. Any missing required document has to be submitted within the application period.

5. Scholarship for foreigners
Full amount except entrance fee

Information of department

Number Name of University Affiliation(Department) Department/Major Quota English-taught
1 Business Administration TOPIK Level 5
2 Advertising & Public Relations TOPIK Level 5
3 Korean Language & Literature
4 International Studies
5 Climate Change & Energy
6 Nano-Medical Devices Engineering
7 Nano Convergence Technology
8 Biomedical Gerontology Written test of English for major study
9 Big Data Science
10 Law
11 Molecular Medicine
12 Social Welfare
13 Life Science
14 Life Education TOPIK Level 5
15 Food & Nutrition
16 Media & Communication
17 Speech Pathology TOPIK Level 5, Written test of English for major study
18 English Language & Literature
19 Convergence Software
20 Medical Science Written test of English for major study
21 Interaction Design Written test of English for major study
22 Electronic
23 Political Science & Public Administration TOPIK Level 5
24 Chinese-Korean Translation TOPIK Level 5
25 Audiology TOPIK Level 5, Written test of English for major study
26 Physical Education
27 Computer
28 Chemistry
29 Environmental Sciences & Biotechnology
The university staff is reponsible for the the above listed information.
We kindly advise candidates to apply for universities according to their preference by searching and collecting university information through various channels(internet,university website, press report, etc).
Last modified : 2021-04-13