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After arrival in Korea

(1) Entry
(a) Preparing Documents: Fill out declarations form given in flight by the flight attendants in order to expedite arrival procedures
(b) Customs Declaration Form: All arriving passengers from foreign countries must prepare and submit a customs declaration form - When travelling with family, only one customs declaration form needs to be filled out.
- Fill out the customs declaration form and declare corresponding items, and also remember to enter traveler’s name, date of birth, and other personal information.
- Customs Declaration forms may be filled out in the arrival area of the airport, but in order to expedite the process, it is highly recommended the forms be completed before landing.
※ Goods prohibited or restricted for entry into Korea
- Firearms (gun replicas), knives, or other weapons, bullets and explosives, radioactive substances, monitoring instruments, etc.
- Methamphetamine, opium, heroin, cannabis and illicit drug and abused/misused drugs
- Articles harmful to the national constitution, public security or morals or that divulge government secrets
- Fake goods or other items that infringe Intellectual Property Rights or counterfeit currency, notes or securities
- Internationally protected endangered animals, plants, or products made from such(tigers, cobras, turtles, crocodile skin)
(c) Immigration
- Korean nationals do not have to complete the arrival card but visitors do.
- Prepare your passport, arrival card and other documents, and queue at the immigration counter to submit all documents to the immigration officer.
(d) Baggage Claim: After passing through immigration, please check the large monitor screens to find your baggage carousel number and then take the escalator down to the 1st floor.
(e) Attention: If your baggage cannot be located, proceed to the lost baggage counter for assistance. Oversized baggage must be retrieved at the oversize baggage carousel.
(2) To & From the Airport
(a) Limousine Bus
Many limousine buses to Seoul or other cities are available at the Incheon Airport. You can buy tickets and also can get information at the Bus Ticketing Booth: Exit 4 and 9 (indoors) & Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 9C (outdoors). The one-way ticket to Seoul usually costs max, 16,000KRW and to Daejeon, 23,100KRW(25,400KRW for night), to Daegu, 35,800KRW, to Gwangju 32,300KRW, and to Busan 46,600KRW.
입국층 1층
* Internet booking for local bus tickets:
* Bus routes information : (Tel: 1577-2600)
(b) Airport Railroad
To go to Seoul, you can use the Airport Railroad located in the Transportation Center (on B1F). The fare from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station costs 4,250KRW for the commuter trains and 8,000KRW for the express trains.
(c) Taxi
Taxi Stands: Taxi stands are located on the arrival level (1F) at the passenger terminal between platform 4C and 8C.
Taxi Fare
Taxi Fare
Zone Area Fare(KRW)
A Eunpyeong, Seodaemun, Mapo, Gangseo, Yangcheon, Guro, Yeongdeungpo - Medium Taxi: 55,000
- Luxury/Large Taxi: 80,000
B Jongno, Seongbuk, Jung-gu, Yongsan, Dongdaemun, Seongdong, Dongjak, Gwanak, Geumcheon, Seocho - Medium Taxi: 65,000
- Luxury/Large Taxi: 95,000
C Dobong, Gangbuk, Nowon, Jungnang, Gwangjin, Gangnam, Songpa, Gangdong - Medium Taxi: 75,000
- Luxury/Large Taxi: 110,000
Last modified : 2019-12-23