2020 Study in Korea Online Education Fair with Gangwon Province

Period : Sep 15(Tue), 2020 ~ Sep 25(Fri), 2020

Live Webinar

Webinar ScheduleAbout webinar

  • Gangneung-Wonju National University 2020/09/18 13:00~14:00 Replay
  • KANGWON NATIONAL UNIVERSITY 2020/09/18 14:00~15:00 Replay
  • YONSEI UNIVERSITY(MIRAE) 2020/09/18 15:00~16:00 Replay
  • KYUNGDONG UNIVERSITY 2020/09/18 16:00~17:00 Replay


  • EQInternational Education Quality Assurance System
  • DDoctoral degree
  • NaNational University
  • MMaster's degree
  • PuPublic University
  • BBachelor's degree
  • PrPrivate University
  • AAssociate degree
  • LcLanguage Course(Korean)
  • live chatLive Chat
Search Participating Universities
1 KYUNGDONG UNIVERSITY KYUNGDONG UNIVERSITY Boost up your future with student mobility !
B Lc
2 KANGWON NATIONAL UNIVERSITY KANGWON NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Core National University with 125+ majors and reasonable tuition fees
D M B Lc
3 YONSEI UNIVERSITY(MIRAE) YONSEI UNIVERSITY(MIRAE) Yonsei University currently has 3 different campus. Seoul, MIRAE(Wonju) and international campus. There are total of 26,000 students and 5,000 faculties. Yonsei University is currently ranked 98th under CWUR, 20th among world private universities and 1st among Asia private universities.
B Lc
4 Gangneung-Wonju National University Gangneung-Wonju National University Leading the Way to the Future!
D M B Lc