University of Science and Technology, Korea (UST)


UST, the National Research Institutes ("NRI")-based graduate university under the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea, provides the education system focused on field research that is conducted at our campuses which are 32 NRIs in the fields of science and technology. The combination of the educational programs of UST and the excellent research scientists and engineers that constitute the faculty of UST, as well as the superb research facilities and systems of the campuses makes it possible for UST to provide students with not only the top-level research mentors but also excellent environments, in which students can engage in creative research and development. Every student of UST receives a full-scholarship including stipend and tuition as a student researcher until graduation. The UST headquarters in Daejeon is in charge of educational administration for all 32 campuses spread around the country including Daejeon, Seoul, and Busan, etc.

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