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GKS Notice

Title 2020 Global Korea Scholarship for Graduate Degrees
Writer webmaster Date 2020-02-11 Count 478488

In 2020, Korean Government's Global Korea Scholarship program aims to invite 1,276 international students from 153 regions who wish to pursue a graduate level degree (master's or doctoral) or research in Korea.

To be selected as a GKS (KGSP) grantee, an applicant must successfully pass the 1st round of selection managed by the Korean embassy where he or she holds the citizenship or NIIED-designated Korean universities.

Please first check the "2020 GKS-G Application Guidelines", "2020 GKS-G University Information" and attached files below to learn about the list of countries invited to take part in our program, qualifications, available universities and majors, application procedures, application forms, and further more.

The deadline will be decided by each institution or office that accepts the application documents, i.e. the Korean Embassy, Korean Education Center, or Korean university.

*Application deadline may differ from one country to another or by each university; it is expected to be around mid or late March.
We highly advise you to make sure to check the calls for 2020 GKS application separately announced by relevant institutions or offices.

Wish you all the best!

Attached File
1_2020 GKS-G Application Form.docx [164399 byte]
2_2020 GKS-G Application FAQs (ENGLISH-KOREAN).pdf [485295 byte]
3_2020 GKS-G University [6883179 byte]
4_2020 GKS-G Application Guidelines (English).pdf [1003248 byte]
5_2020 GKS-G Application Guidelines (Korean).pdf [1318838 byte]
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