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国立/公立/私立 National 是否认证大学
主页 eng.anu.ac.kr 韩国语学院主页
学生类别 博士 硕士 硕博士合并 本科 其他 总计
学生数 28 32 0 22 19 101
教授类别 教授/副教授 助教/专职讲师 兼职教授/聘请客座教授 课时讲师 其他 总计
教授人数 233 41 51 318 0 643
学生类别 博士 硕士 硕博士合并 本科 其他 总计
学生数 182 599 0 8,326 0 9,107


是否补贴 Yes
课程 Korean Language Program
名额 20
学习期间 400hrs
申请资格 Those who graduated high school or higher education
学费(学期/$) 1,800
负责部门 Department of International Cooperation / 负责人 : HEO, YEONGHUI / 负责人联系邮箱 : anukorea@anu.ac.kr
电话号码 0548207102 / 传真 : 0548207108
奖学金名称 TOPIK Scholarship
奖学金规模 Once
每人奖学金金额 300 USD
Students who obtained TOPIK level 4 after admission
负责部门 Department of International Cooperation / 负责人 : HEO, YEONGHUI / 负责人联系邮箱 : anukorea@anu.ac.kr
电话号码 0548207102 / 传真 : 0548207108
奖学金名称 International Student Scholarship(Undergraduate)
奖学金规模 22% of Tuition Fee
每人奖学金金额 200USD ~ Full Tuition Fee
负责部门 Department of International Cooperation / 负责人 : HEO, YEONGHUI / 负责人联系邮箱 : anukorea@anu.ac.kr
电话号码 0548207102 / 传真 : 0548207108
奖学金名称 International Student Scholarship (Graduate School)
奖学金规模 30% of Tuition Fee
每人奖学金金额 50 ~ 60 USD
Self-funded international graduate school student
负责部门 Department of International Cooperation / 负责人 : YUN, YUNJOO / 负责人联系邮箱 : cieca@anu.ac.kr
电话号码 0548207101 / 传真 : 0548207108
是否补贴 Yes
宿舍费 300
申请资格 ANU International Student
负责部门 Department of International Cooperation / 负责人 : HEO, YEONGHUI / 负责人联系邮箱 : anukorea@anu.ac.kr
电话号码 0548207102 / 传真 : 0548207108
是否补贴 No


宿舍分类 单人间 双人间 三人间 四人间 其他
学费月/$) $ 3.00 $ 456.00 $ 3.00 $ 225.00
可容纳人数 1,824
Solmoi (two beds per room) : ₩1,220,000 per 1 semester (Room & Meal Fees)
Solbit (two beds per room) : ₩1,590,000 per 1 semester (Including Vacation Room fee)
Garam (Two double-deck bed per room) : ₩1,001,000 per 1 semester (Room & Meal Fees)
宿舍分类 单人间 双人间 三人间 四人间 其他
学费月/$) $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00
可容纳人数 0
宿舍分类 早餐 中餐 晚餐 平均价格
是否提供 Y Y Y 1.6


专业 本科 硕士 博士 硕博士整合并 其他
Department of Engineering 1,873 2,065 2,065
Music Department 2,030 2,256 0 0
Department of Engineering and Arts 1,845 2,065 2,065 0
Department of Science and Physical Education 1,714 1,930 1,930 0
Department of Humanities and Social Studies 1,428 1,633 1,633 0


The library aims to offer a user-centered service and provides access to domestic and overseas academic journals and electronic media for faculty, students, and local residents. The library has about 1,500 seats for pleasant and comfortable reading, and it operates various attached facilities such as group study room, book cafe, etc. to provide resting and learning space together. Eventually, the library’s goal is to become a ubiquitous library that the users can access from anywhere at anytime. The library takes the role of the academic information center as the representative national university in Gyeongbuk province leading the knowledge-based society.

The Sports Center has been established to provide lifelong education not only to the university members but also to the local residents. This center expanded the university’s basic infrastructure space, and has a golf driving range (60 boxes), swimming pool (adults’ pool with 6 lanes 25m long, kids’ pool with 2 lanes 19m long), fitness center (40 fitness equipments), GX room (table tennis and yoga). About 40 lifelong education courses as well as major and elective courses of the physical education department are held here to enhance the fitness of university members and local residents by providing a health culture space. All the staff work together as one and put their utmost effort into providing the best educational service and customer satisfaction with continuous innovation.

Since 1979, the museum has investigated, collected, researched, and displayed tangible and intangible materials concerned with archaeology, history and folklore, and contributed to the students' learning and the faculty's research. It is equipped with a video room and a room which overlooks Yeokdongseowon. The video room shows 'the letter written by Won's mom,' and the hemp shoes called Mituri which are known to the world through the National Geographic issue of November, 2007. The permanent exhibition room displays 'The History and Culture of Andong' from the prehistoric period to the modern age in a systematic way, enabling visitors to easily understand the exhibition.

Yeokdongseowon was built to commemorate WOO Tak, the mentor of the seowon and to educate confucian scholars. This is a cultural heritage of Korea that enables its visitors to learn about Korean history and tradition. It offers visitors opportunities to feel the virtues of the mentor and to reinterpret Korean culture and tradition, and contributes to the advancement of Korean studies.

Solmoe Culture Hall is an all-around, multi-purpose cultural site where people can enjoy various kinds of events: musical performances for graduation, academic presentations by various departments, musical performances by faculty members, graduation exhibitions of fine arts, dancing presentations, movie screening, domestic and international academic seminars, presentation of plays, concerts, and celebrity lectures. This hall satisfies the residents' needs for cultural life, and also supports the activities of the faculty, staff members, and students of ANU.

This center opens and operates various courses: hobby classes, practical classes, and courses fitting in with regional characteristics for the residents to participate in. In accordance with 'a society of open learning and continuing education,' the center provides various learning opportunities for the residents in the region. Some courses issue certificates to those who complete the courses. These services further contribute to open education.

The language center focuses on language education intended to improve language skills and develop linguistic culture. With experts of foreign language education and excellent education environment, various courses and classes on foreign languages are offered, such as English, Japanese and Chinese. The center also trains elementary and secondary school English teachers. This center performs the work of translation and proofreading, and other various academic activities related to language.


课程 2005 Korean Language Program 使用语言
学习期间 2005.03.14~2005.05.20 2005.06.07~2005.08.12 2005 入学时期 a week befpre the opening of a course
招生人数 报名日期 All the year around
学费 800,000WON/one quarter 奖学金


入学时期 March, September
报名日期 October, June 学习期间 2 years
Admission Guidelines
'1. Required Documents

1) Documents written in foreign language except English
must be submitted with copy of korean translated text

(1) Application sheet
(2) Graduation Certificate, School Records Certificate
(3) Recommendation letter
(4) Learning Plan letter, Self-introduction letter
(5) The certificate issued by a foreign government
equivalent to a copy of an applicants family register of
(6) Alien registration card of parents, students

2) Proof of Financial Ability Document
(1)General Students
- Deposit certificate in the amount of more than US$10,000
deposited in a bank for over a month or the receipt of
remittance to Korea and money exchange in the amount of
more than US$10,000
- Guarantors Work Certificate, Property Tax Certificate,
Studying Expenses Liability Written Oath(must be included
in application sheet)
(2)Scholarship students
Certificate of scholarship in the amount of more than
(3)Educational Student among colleges - invitation letter
by the president, the dean of a university & tuition
exemption confirmation

2. Qualifications

1) Foreign students whose parents are not Korean
2) Foreign students who have completed elementary, middle
and high school in foreign countries
3) Foreign students who have completed Bachelor course or
who have completed school course in foreign countries

3. Procedure

1) Submitting application sheet
2) Selection for admission (university)
3) Announcement of successful applicants (university)
4) Register (applicants)

4. Scholarship for foreigners

1) Exemption of amission fee and registration fee for 2
years to a foreign student selected as a scholarship

2) Dormitory is given priority in supply to foreign
students for 2 years ( exemption of boarding expenses)'


号码 大学名字 专业 专业 招生人数 English-taught
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