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Inner-City Buses

photo Inner-city buses are one of the cheapest methods of transportation in Korea. They are for cities and areas on the outskirts of cities. - You can buy tickets for the buses at vendors near bus stops. You can also pay cash, or use a transportation card.
The transportation card can also be used for subways.
- In Seoul, city buses are categorized into four colors according to the areas each covers.
- Get on the bus through the front entrance, and put the money or ticket in the box next to the driver or put the transportation card on the sensor. Push one of the switches in the bus for your stop, and get off through the back door

Long Distance Express Buses

Like regional buses, express buses are good for long distances. The difference is that express buses travel on highways. Each city has one Express Bus Terminal.

Regional Buses

These buses connect two long/middle distance regions. There may be several long distance bus terminals in big cities, and you may use the nearest one. You can buy a ticket on the spot or make a reservation.


photo - The subway system in Seoul is quite advanced, and runs on a regular schedule with low fares.
- You can buy a ticket at the window by telling the clerk your destination, or use a transportation card.
- The fare differs depending on your destination.
- Other than Seoul, Busan, Daegu, and Daejeon have subways.
- The hours are usually from 5:30 am through midnight.
- All directions are in Korean and English, and at every stop you can hear Korean and English directions.


- Taxis are expensive compared to city buses or the subway, but they are convenient late at night or when you don't know how to get to the destination exactly.
- In the city, you can just raise your hand for an available one, or wait at a taxi stop.
- Fares will be decided depending on the time and distance and indicated on the meter.
- It is the law to fasten your seat belt in the front seat.
- Tipping is not a general practice but you may if you want to.


photo - Trains run on a regular schedule, and are good for long distance trips.
- Other than Express Trains (KTX) which began service from 2004, there are Sae-ma-ul and Mu-gung-hwa trains. KTX is the fastest with high quality facilities and service, and stops at relatively big stations. Mu-gung-hwa is the slowest one and the most inexpensive, and stops at almost every station.
- You can buy tickets at the station, on the internet, or other places selling tickets. Reservations are available.


Transportation cards are for city buses and subway use. You can buy a card for 2000 won at a subway ticket counter or a bus ticket vendor at a bus stop, and then charge the amount of money you want to the card. To use, you can put the card on the sensor in the subway or in a bus. Upon using all the money charged to the card, you can re-charge the card at subway ticket counters, bus ticket vendors, or vendors near bus stops. When you don?t need the card any more, return the card at any card-selling place and they will return the money left in the card and 2000 won for the card.

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