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Health Center

Regional Health centers for public medical treatment are established in each city, armed forces, districts, etc. In health centers you can receive various medical diagnoses, which are fundamental, and you can also receive general diagnoses and dental diagnoses.

Private Hospitals

It is easy and it takes a short distance to find a hospital around your area. There are simple procedures to receive a medical examination. You can also receive a medical examination immediately. However, the majority of private hospitals have one kind of special medical examination and treatment. Their diagnoses are only suitable for simple illnesses. It is recommended to visit a general hospital, in case of serious diseases

General Hospital

Generally, there are different departments for diagnosing all kinds of diseases in general hospitals. Each department has the necessary medical specialists. General hospitals have all kinds of examinations and hospital admissions. Compared with private hospitals, general hospitals' expenses are more expensive and the period of receiving medical treatment takes a long time. Except for emergency situations, general hospitals require a medical certificate from the health centers or private hospitals you've previously visited, for safety purposes.


photo A division of labor among medical practice and dispensary was implemented in Korea from August 2004. Because of this implementation, you cannot purchase medicines without doctors' medical prescriptions. To be concise, necessary medical supplies (bandaid, medicine for headache and indigestion, etc.) can be purchased without any medical prescriptions from doctors.

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