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photo Koreans tend to prefer spicy food as they usually use Gim-chi, hot red pepper paste, or garlic for side dishes or marinating other food. Gim-chi, hot red pepper paste, and garlic are widely known as healthy food, and people tend to like them once they get used to them. Koreans eat Japonica type rice as their staple food, and they eat rice with soup.
photo There are various kinds of food in Korea, and they are tasty and served in large portions. As we see from the fact that recently American people chose Gim-chi-ji-gae and Sun-du-bu as good winter food, Korean food is getting more attention internationally. However, eating out in restaurants is rather expensive. You can also eat at vendors on the street, but there are not many of them.
photo Around college or university campuses it is relatively easy to get western food young people enjoy such as bread, hamburger, pizza, or fried chicken. However, students will not have difficulty in cooking their own countrys food as its ingredients can easily be purchased at a market.

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