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Benefits of Studying in Korea

Education Competitiveness

According to ‘2011 National Competitiveness Report’ of IMD in Swiss, the education competitiveness of Korea was 29th among 59 countries that were subjects of the survey. Korea is 4th in Asia following Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and higher than Japan and China. Also, in international comparison research of the academic achievements(PISA) by OECD, Korea took 3rd ~ 6th place in the recent years among 65 countries that were subjects of the survey. Especially, Korea was the first place in digital reading knowledge assessment. Based on such education competitiveness, Korea will be able to offer a higher level of education services to the students coming from abroad
Advanced Country with Applied Science and State-of-the-art Technology

Korea was the first place among 152 countries that were subjects of the survey in ICT development index announced by International Telecommunication Union(ITU). The IT field of Korea is famous for its highest level in the world along with machinery, chemical, ship building and automobiles. Ultra high speed internet network supply is over 20 million households, and most of the families are using it. Considering that Korea is a strong IT country in the world, you can conclude that the technology and tradition of Koreans are suitable for new high-tech and creative fields. Studying in Korea with the most dynamic technological power in the world will provide you the basis for success in the future.

Rich Culture & Dynamic Life

As a country that kept old tradition and culture, Korea has preserved many cultural heritage and traditions. Various tangible and intangible culture made by thousands of years pervade in every corner of the society and continued until now. Korean-wave started from Korean dramas is extended to affection for Korean culture and love for Korean language, and the recent popularity of K-Pop shows that Korean-wave is taking a place as not only the culture of Korea but also as the culture of people all around the world that can be shared by everyone in the world. The study in Korea where long tradition and dynamic modern culture are developed with harmony is very attractive, and if you receive education and study in this environment, you will be able to develop the leadership and deep insight necessary as a leader to lead the human civilization in the future.

Low Tuition & Living Cost

Compared to English speaking countries such as U.S, Canada, and Britain, Korea has relatively lower cost of study including tuition and living cost. Korea does not impose additional fee for foreign students, and there are many scholarship programs for foreign students, so you can study without a big economic burden. Especially, as Korean government recently announced substantial support and deregulation for foreign students in scholarship, dormitory, part time jobs, and employment after graduation, the study in Korea became more convenient and possible with less cost. Geopolitically, Korea is located in Northeast Asia, and for Asian territories, it is very close, so it is easy to visit Korea with low cost, and culturally, as the same Eastern cultural region, students may adapt without much trouble emotionally and culturally during their study

Support for Careers

We are holding Employment Exhibition every year for foreign students to help employment in Korea, and through foreign students’ employment support homepage (www.goldcard.or.kr), employment information are provided to foreign students. Especially, with gold card system for graduates of advanced technology field and science card system for high class science and technology manpower, we are helping the employment and visa issuance of the foreign students.
For foreign students attending undergraduate or master/doctorate course in Korean universities, or language school students of 6 months after entrance to Korea, they can legally have part time jobs after receiving activity permit outside resident qualification. Part time job information can be acquired through school employment centers and regional newspapers.

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