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Introducing Hallyu


Hallyu, The most dynamic Asia culture going to all over the world

Hallyu, The most dynamic Asia culture going to all over the world.

Hallyu is no longer just popular Korean culture. It has climbed to a new level and now encompasses a wider global culture that is enjoyed by other Asians and non-Asians scattered over every continent across the globe. Beginning first in Japan and China, Hallyu has helped to develop a general interest not only in the Korean culture, but the Korean language as well. Today, many Korean culture buffs are striving to learn hangeul, the Korean language. From Vietnam to Mongolia - from the Philippines to Thailand, Hallyu continues to expand its fan base, going beyond Asia to capture the hearts of people all over the world. According to the Financial Times, Hallyu goes far beyond Asia, embracing the entire world. Its influence can be observed in the growing number of colleges that are developing Korean language studies programs and launching Korean language departments. Indeed these academic commitments are firm evidence of Korea’s new world status, seen not only in language and culture, but in its economic power and influence in Asia. The potential of Hallyu is still in the incubation stage. In fact, a more powerful Hallyu phenomenon awaits you. It will go beyond movies, dramas, and pop music to art, history, and in-depth cultural exchanges. A richer, fuller and more comprehensive Hallyu is coming your way.
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Approximately 6,000 foreign students from 55 countries stream into the nation of Korea to study the language. This could be an opportunity for you, too

So while Hallyu fans first fall in love with the concepts and creativity of Hallyu, immersion in language, the true essence of the country’s culture is also a critical step. Now, many have moved beyond their former interest in Korean film and drama stars to learn the Korean language, and with each day of language study they deepen their understanding of Korean culture. Korean language opens the door to other experiences in Korean culture with language as a valuable tool, you can become a Korea expert and enrich your life through new experiences. The Korean language is emerging as a new popular foreign language not only in Asia, but also in the world. The number of foreign students and overseas Koreans taking the Korean language proficiency exam has increased rapidly over the years. In 2008 alone, 160,000 people took the exam, a 100% increase over the previous year. Among the numerous languages in the world; Korea has emerged as one of the most popular. Join us in a language program. It will be a fantastic opportunity to upgrade your knowledge of Korea and enhance your life experience

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