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photoThere are various kinds of public transportation available in Korea: trains, buses, subways, and taxi The Gyeongbu line departs from Seoul station, and the Ho-nam/Jeol-la-line departs from Yong-san station. KTX has services from Seoul to Busan on the Gyeongbu line and from Seoul to Mok-po on the Jeol-la line. You can make a reservation at Korea Railroads (http://www.korail.go.kr). There are three kinds of buses in Korea: Long distance express buses, regional buses, and inner-city buses. Large groups of people may charter a tour bus. For express buses, you can make a reservation at (http://www.exterminal.co.kr.) Subways connect locations in Seoul and its nearest satellite cities. You can reach your destination in a predictable amount of time in most cases. You can get a subway map at any subway station for free. The Seoul subway system takes pride in its cleanliness as well as its good heating and air-conditioning systems. There are two kinds of taxis: regular ones and Mo-bum (black taxis) which are of higher grade. Taxis are convenient for traveling short distances or when traveling late at night. Big cities like Seoul, Je-ju, Bu-san, Gwang-ju, Sok-cho, Cheong-ju, and Ul-san all have domestic airports.

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