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Applying for Government Scholarship

  • Verify Qualification
  • Prepare
  • Upload Additional Documents
  • Final Verification
  • Fee Payment

Step #1 Verify Qualification

1. Among the graduates of 4 year universities in Korea, person with average grade of all classes of 80% or more, and recommended by the president of the university.
(But, person with armed service fulfilled or exempted for men)
※ Person who completed all credits necessary for graduation and is capable of submitting certificate may also apply.
2. Person capable of studying for master’s and doctorate degree in his or her major in distinguished high level educational institutions abroad and having the language capability and specialized knowledge to acquire degre
3. Person with language ability test grade of the following standard table or higher issued after 2009. 1. 1
Test Qualification Standard Points Test Qualification Standard Points
English TOEIC 745 points or higher French DELF/DALF DELF B1 or higher
TEPS 650 points or higher FLEX 701 points or higher
TOEFL(PBT) 550 points or higher SNULT 61 points or higher
TOEFL(CBT) 213 points or higher German German language
certification test
B1(ZD) or highe
TOEFL(IBT) 80 points or higher TEST-DAF TDN-3 or higher
IELTS 6.0 or higher FLEX 701 points or higher
FLEX 651 points or higher SNULT 61 points or higher
Japanese JPT 740 points or higher Spanish DELE Diploma Intermedio
JLPT 740 points or higher
FLEX 701 points or higher FLEX 701 points or higher
SNULT 740점 이상 SNULT 61 points or higher
Chinese 구HSK Level 8 or higher Russian TORFL Stage 1 or highe
신HSK Level 5 or higher FLEX 701 points or higher
FLEX 701 points or higher DELE 61 points or higher
FLEX 61 points or higher
4. Korean history knowledge certification test level 3 or higher.
※ There is no valid period for Korean history knowledge certification test.
5. The following applicants are not eligible to apply
  • Person falling in any provision of National Public Service Law Article 33
  • Person with reasons for disqualification for overseas travel
  • Person who is not over 5 years from test suspension or disqualification by cheating
  • Person who already received government scholarship for overseas study or is expected to receive similar
  • scholarship from the date of scholarship award
  • Person who gave up government funded overseas study previously.

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