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Introduction of Korean Language Center


Local language program offers the advantage of language immersion Great Korean friends are waiting for you.

Being able to live, feel, and think like a Korean is by far the biggest advantage of learning Korean in Korea. Moreover, friendly and hospitable Korean friends will welcome your visit. The opportunity to experience Korean culture and learn Korean with them isn’t that far away. So what will the language program be like, and what kind of life will you enjoy?

See your language ability improve rapidly.

All programs are conducted in Korean, meaning that listening and grammar skills will improve considerably within a short time. Students of similar levels will be grouped together, giving each class the most comfortable learning environment. Textbooks have been carefully selected for foreign students, and teachers with ample experience in teaching foreign students will continuously check for improvement and offer feedback on language points that require more work

Maximize your Hallyu experience by taking part in afternoon activities.

photo Most classes are held in the morning, allowing students to enjoy free time in the afternoon. Extracurricular activities include visits to a local ceramic village or a folk village. Other popular after-school activities such as classes in history, cooking, and taekwondo are all valuable ways to enhance your understanding of Korean culture.

Choose whatever type of accommodations you want.

Let your own style and personality determine your living accommodations. You can learn a lot by staying with a family in a Korean home-stay. On the other hand, a hasuk offers boarding-house accommodations shared with other Korean students. Or, if you prefer privacy and convenience, choose a hotel room like Eames House or the YMCA. Whatever type you choose, they are all conveniently located near the school and shopping areas.

Eat whatever Korean foods you prefer anytime. .

If you live in a hasuk, you will be served breakfast and dinner, and have your lunch either in the school cafeteria or at one of the many restaurants around campus. Hotel stays do not include meals, but you’ll find many restaurants downtown that offer meals to your liking.

Convenient public transportation and a safe environment ensure successful language programs.

Personal and public safety is a byword in Korea. Indeed, gun possession is strictly prohibited, a claim that cannot be made by countries like the US or some Southeast Asian countries. Helpful policemen and local police stations are everywhere, offering security and protection. Convenient public transportation also makes life in Korea more enjoyable. The extensive subway system, clean taxis and friendly drivers, and safe, dependable buses will take you wherever you want. Also, a 3-hour fast train (KTX) connects Seoul to Busan, offering you the opportunity for a romantic day trip anytime.

Are you ready?

Now, all you have to do is to enjoy hallyu, study Korean, and enjoy Korea.
It's up to you!

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