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photo Welcome to NIIED.
We welcome your visit to Study in Korea. NIIED is a government organization aimed to nurture and foster human resources of Korea in the age of globalization, and as a competent operation agency of Korea Ministry of Education, we are mainly promoting the following projects.

First, we are striving for the internalization of the overseas Koreans education for 7 million overseas Koreans in 150 countries worldwide to establish national identity, encourage successful lives in their residing countries, and contribute to the development of the international society.

Second, we are running the project of inviting and utilizing native English speaking English teaching assistants, EPIK(English Program in Korea), to enhance global competency, cultural exchange, and English communication ability in the era of globalization and information society, and the project of President Scholarship for English Volunteer Students, TaLK(Teach and Learn in Korea), to minimize the difference of the English education level in the weaker area for educational conditions and to broaden the understanding of Korea by foreigners.

Third, we are playing a leading role in revitalization of international education exchanges, such as exchanges with domestic and international educational institutions, government financed overseas studies, government scholarships to invite foreign students to study in Korea, and holding overseas study fair for the study in Korea.

NIIED converted the policy from 'outgoing overseas study' to 'receiving overseas study' with 'Study Korea Project' started in 2004, is actively striving the recruitment of foreign students into Korea such as holding overseas study fair for the study in Korea, establishment and operation of Collective System for Study in Korea, and is also leading the globalization of Korean universities.
Collective System for Study in Korea provides online one-stop administrative services that not only provide overseas study information but also processing admission and visa application by combining Korea Overseas Study Guide System, which provides the information for the study in Korea and universities, and GKS homepage, which publicizes government scholarship projects to invite foreign students to study in Korea, and KOSNET, which is an online Korean language learning site, and through the interface with Korean Ministry of Justice and universities.

In the future, NIEED will provide more and more enhanced educational administrative services by developing and utilizing more specialized programs. And furthermore, we will try our best to play the role and function as the leading agency for overseas Korean education, central agency for recruitment of foreign students and international education exchanges, and central agency for national competency reinforcement, and to continuously develop our role and functions.

Thank You.
President, NIIED


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